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Thursday, September 19, 2013


So we moved(: Tenielle and Tryson love their new school. Tenielle is in band, she plays the trumpet. She really likes being able to play tether ball at recess with her new friends and is already bugging for me to let her go to her friends for a sleepover.  Makes me nervous though.  Tryson has done really well here, he passes all his spelling with a one hundred percent and came home the other day telling me that he made new friends also. He plays baseball at recess here, at home he always played soccer.  Treven isn't in a preschool since there isn't one through the school and since we aren't in our own place I would hate to have him start somewhere and then get moved and have to start all over.  He doesn't handle that stuff very well. I do believe that him and Talya really like having mom home all the time now.  Talya is a champion biter, really likes to bite when L.J. makes her mad. I can't wait till she can use her words more.  She pulls the funniest faces these days. Makes me laugh all the time.  Rich is really liking his job. I really hope that we can make it permanent.  I also hope that we get our own place soon, it's really nice if Tiffiny and her family to let us stay but our own place would be best.

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Today we finally made it to church!! I haven't been in a long, long time(:  We taught our nursery class and them met with the bishop, he wanted to let us know that they will help us anyway that they can.  So awesome to live in an awesome ward like we do!
After church we decided to have some fun with the kids since tomorrow night I will be working and soon Rich will be leaving to go to Boise to work harvest, I am going to miss him soooo much):  so glad that I have amazing friends and family, also ward members d neighbors that will look out for the kids and I while Rich is gone.  Anyways I got way off track, we took the kids bowling and had a fun night!!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Took the kids fishing today, all but Tryson, we had a ton of fun 


So when I got my job in April I needed to have my CNA, well I took a two week course with AAACNA.  I passed the course and then I took my state test on June 17. I still haven't gotten my results back, but I looked on the registry and I passed (: 

A new start

It is really hard to say goodbye to something after almost three years. And even harder to tell your three year old that the only lifestyle he's ever known is gone.  
Yesterday was our last day milking our cows. They came at 4 pm to load the last of the dry cows on a "pemi" to go to their new home at another dairy.  
Rich and I are currently looking for other jobs for him, right now I will continue working for Caring Hearts.  So if anyone knows of any good dairy or farm jobs, Rich is willing and able to work(:  

Our chute we made to load cows since no one would let us use theirs cause they didn't want to be involved.

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